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Common Garage Door Faults
Fault 1: Broken Springs
The springs on a garage door are under a lot of tension and can break due to wear and tear. This is a common issue that requires professional repair.
Fault 2: Door Off Track
A garage door can come off its track due to a collision or wear of the track itself. This can prevent the door from opening or closing properly.
Fault 3: Opener Malfunction
Garage door openers can fail due to various reasons, including electrical issues, misalignment, or wear and tear. This may require reprogramming or replacement.
Fault 4: Worn Out Rollers
Worn or damaged rollers can cause the garage door to operate loudly and unevenly. Replacing them can improve the door's operation.
Fault 5: Broken Cables
Lifting cables can fray or break over time, posing a risk of injury and preventing the door from operating. These should be replaced by a professional.

what you need to do if your garage damaged?

The rollers can get damaged. 

Take for example the garage door- the hinges, rollers and springs will need maintenance. 

High-Quality Garage Door Repair Kitchener including, Installation & Maintenance Services. 


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You can rely on us for sales, installations and repairs, and routine maintenance of residential and commercial garage doors. 

With many years experience in garage door repairs, we can fix most simple issues on the spot with no follow up required. 

You want to know if it can be fixed? 

That way, you’ll know you’re getting the best solution for your door problems. 

We have been painting garage doors for years, and they know how to paint it quickly as possible without compromising quality. 


Google Review By Jason LaFord
Google Review By Jason LaFord
LiftMaster Elite Series

The Best Opener On The Market 

how to renew your garage door ?

We use superior quality hardware materials and components which stand up to the rigorous usage commercial garage doors are commonly put through on a daily basis. 

modern garage door modern garage door

Our technicians can easily perform garage door opener troubleshooting to identify the problem, use their expertise to perform a garage door adjustment or undertake complicated garage door spring repair. 

We use a high-quality color paint of your choosing, and make sure to apply paint evenly and layered in such a way that provides the optimal appearance and top quality durability and longevity.

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We won’t compromise quality for affordability because our professional team can provide both for you at any time.

Even in case of an emergency you can expect quality services from them.

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 Since we operate across the region and cover:

  • Cambridge
  • Stratford
  • Elmira
  • Guelph
  • Woodstock
  • Waterloo
  • and Brantford

among other areas, you can always find us close-by and ready to meet all your garage door concerns. A door expert will give you all the facts that you need, which will enable you to make an informed decision. We have licensed, insured and experienced garage door expert team. 

Perhaps it’s a commercial overhead door emergency, or you simply need new door installation services on your residential property. Call us. 

Kitchener Rangers
Kitchener Rangers


It’s not safe to take such serious decisions on your own. 

Whether it’s your home doors, office doors, or garage doors- you need to ensure that they are operating at maximum efficiency at all times.

Hence, you should go for the company whose door repair Kitchener personnel are of exemplary conduct. 

Garage Door Remote not working – Garage Doors Kitchener Ontario. 



If you need a new garage door remote or need the opener on your garage serviced contact O-B Garage Door Services to arrange a visit. 

We are also committed to ensuring that our customers experience the least possible amount of inconvenience when hiring us to repair their garage door. 

Commercial doors are prone to damage, due to the human traffic that walks in and out of the buildings all day. 

security mechanisms

The tracks and springs can wear out and some vandals can tamper with the locks and security mechanisms. 

O-B Garage Door Services can help with roller door repairs as well as fixing problems with sectional and tilt doors. Are well known for our garage door services in Kitchener. 

Homeowners and business owners are often fearful of hiring contractors because of ‘estimates’ that can be well below final pricing and unscrupulous contractors who are always looking for the most expensive option rather than all viable ones.


Check out the physical address of the company that can be enough to prove that it is legit. 

While you are upgrading your remotes and openers, it can be a good idea to check the other parts of your garage door are also working properly. 

With our help, you can have at your disposal a smoothly functioning garage door that not only works right but looks right too! For instance, our Neufoam™ door insulation has zero ozone depleting rating, which means the insulation releases zero greenhouse gasses. O-B Garage Door Services can replace lost garage door remote controls or repair and recode your existing garage remotes, repair and service your automatic door opener, fit new openers and even install extra safety features to protect your family. We can take care of all garage door problems. What happens when your door is in need of emergency repair? An emergency can be a simple wear and tear of the door. You just need to dial their emergency number. Stop stressing. Keep our number handy. Since your doors have moving parts, they will require regular servicing to keep them at their optimal performance levels.